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YouTube Channel.

A YouTube Channel has been created for this Animated Film. The YouTube Channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/G2012AF. The Channel, right now, has a Video about this Website and the Announcement of the following Film. The Channel will officially open in Mid-October w/ a Teaser Trailer for the Movie.

Right now, the Director of the Film (Rahul Lal) is trying to create the right Godzilla Figure and Disaster Scenes in the Film.

Thank you for reading this Post and please stay tuned for any updates on RahulTV.

'Godzilla 2012' Movie Details.

Godzilla 2012 (2012) - Plot/Movie Details:


- Jonathan.

- Godzilla.


Jonathan, a 15 year old Teen, is in the Year 2012 w/ all the other living People. The Month is December and it is almost getting close to the 21st of December 2012. He soon finds out that the President of the United States was calling a Speech. No one knew what the Speech was about. The President told the Speech and everyone in the world would be shocked about. The World as they knew it was going to end. People then started evacuating into these Huge Arks that were in China, Jonathan was at home and waiting for something to happen. Soon later, an Earthquake came, but it wasn’t a Natural Disaster, it was a Giant Beast named Godzilla that came to save the Day! But how will he save the Earth then? Will Godzilla actually save the Earth from destruction? Will Jonathan Survive? Will the People of Mankind die in Godzilla’s Hand or the natural end? Find out when ‘Godzilla 2012’ hits YouTube in January of 2012.


Movie Detail:

Release Date: Mid-January.

Year: 2012.

Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror.

Director: Lal, Rahul Kumar.

Studio: RahulTV (RahulLalTV).

Official Website - http://www.G2012.tumblr.com.

Tagline: When the world comes to an end, there is only 1 Hero who turns the End to survival.


When the World comes to an end, Giant Japanese Monster: Godzilla has to try to turn everything around and save the Human Race and his kind too.

Godzilla 2012 Release In 2012.

The Release of the all new Animated Film called “Godzilla 2012” will be released in the Year of 2012. The Story and Plot Detail will be here soon on this Website and all will be notified.